Luxury ship shopping

This commercial proposition is of exceptional appeal and will surely be a notable success. What this is about is the first of its kind: a floating outlet store. It is a real live cruise ship, 120 meters long, that will house 35 luxury shops responding to the requirements of the most demanding shoppers.The ship will call at the major tourist ports of the world stopping in the Mediterranean, the North Sea and in the waters off of the Middle East. It will bring the great designers right to the shoppers, giving them the opportunity to try out an extraordinary shopping experience completely different from the usual.

Also, in order to make the brief stay of our visitors as pleasant as possible our proposal is to furnish the ship with areas dedicated to relaxation, recreation and amusement with all sorts of activities and diversions. Today’s shopper is modern and demanding and will want to take advantage of the 3,900 sq metres of shopping areas, but also fuse that time with the opportunity to benefit from a new, convenient and unusual mode of shopping as well as entertainment.On the “Deck of Desires” there will be the 39 high-end shops that will firmly maintain the relationship between high style and affordable prices. This is an original format able to accommodate 2 million visitors per year: visitors who are drawn not only by international brand names but also by a totally new approach to shopping.

3.900 sqm

35 units

Late 2012